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Camper TrailersHigh Quality Camper Trailers at Amazing Prices.

See our quality range of camping trailers and camper tents below!

Welcome to Australia's best value Camper Trailers

Welcome to the Camper Trailers Aus website! GIC Camper Trailers is Australia's leading Camper Trailer manufacturer; we give you exactly what you have been looking for – premium value for your money.

Our Quality Camper Trailer Range
Camper Trailer Tent

Camper Trailer TentsThe most economical canvas camping mate with a self supporting and free standing contemporary design. It can fit a 7 x 4ft or 6 x 4ft trailer and is complete with a roof, awning and walls.



Semi Off Road Camper Trailer

Semi Off Road Camper TrailersHeavy duty in nature, it measures 7 x 4ft with the flap sewn onto a premium deluxe camper trailer tent. It has a queen size bed area and internal access from the tent to the trailer.



Off Road Camper Trailer

Off Road Camper TrailerAn off road trailer measuring 7 x 4ft with Landcruiser 6 Stud 4WD Sunraysia Mag Wheels and heavy duty draw bar for stability and power.



Extreme Off Road Camper Trailer

Extreme Off Road Camper TrailerHas a full checker plate body with military style outback off road eye-to-eye rebound springs. It also has a draw bar welded to the front trailer spring hanger for more power.



Aluminium Off Road Camper Trailer

Aluminium Off Road Camper TrailerA checker plate aluminium body with a full tube chassis, an extended draw bar and a huge front tool box fitted standard.



Aluminium Extreme Off Road Camper Trailer

Extreme Aluminium Off Road Camper TrailerSimilar to the Aluminium off Road Camper with a full tube chassis and extended draw bar, it has mechanical breaks and poly block coupling fitted standard.



More on our Camper Trailers

Our aim is to make available to everyone who desires to travel, the most innovative and inexpensive Camper Trailers. We are completely committed to providing our clients the best service across Australia. Being in the business for over 7 years now, GIC’s trailers comply with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules. These trailers are built, keeping in mind Australian conditions and are unique. Our Camper Trailers are always in stock and ready for immediate delivery or pick up. So dreams are no longer just dreams. At GIC we make your travel dreams a reality.

Why Buy A Camper Trailer from Us? banner

GIC offers a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and our Camper Trailers have been put together by the most highly skilled and qualified tradesmen with a collective experience of over 50 years. These camper trailer tent packages come with a free instructional DVD that details how to set up, raze and season your canvas. This is presented in an easy to understand step by step format. Our uncomplicated trailer tents do not need more than 2 people to set them up. This can be done in just about 10 minutes, making it a user friendly and hassle free product. At GIC, we promise you complete peace of mind.

While traveling you may not always find the best places to stay. A Camper Trailer is the best means of staying safely and going to all the places you have desired without spending a fortune. It can be parked of the side of the road, or set up as a tent. It is your own space, allowing you privacy with the best amenities. It is also the best way to enjoy your holidays with your family. Now, you do not have to waste time planning or budgeting for a lavish holiday. The Camper Trailer gives you all the freedom to take a holiday anywhere and at any time of the year. So whether it trips to the National Parks, braving the rough terrain of the out backs, traveling around the imposing mountains or the picture perfect beaches, there is no stopping you. Is it raining? Are the winds blowing too hard? Is it too cold outside? Are you just camping overnight in the wild? You will not have to think again. You have your own – yes, your very own personal Camper Trailer! So cheers dear friends and take a vacation just whenever you feel like it.